Closys Alcohol Free Mouthwash with Flavor Control, 32oz by CloSYS

With its strong performance against the oral bacteria that causes infections of the peridontium and endodontium, in addition to dental caries and staph infections, and its favorable behavior toward healing cells (fibroblasts), Cloys addresses a spectrum of clinical oral hygiene concerns. In any case, its agreeable taste and non-tooth-staining characteristics encourage patients to be fully compliant. As a non-prescription oral rinse, Cloys no longer handiest meets and would possibly surpass CHX in post-procedure applications, it also can also be beneficial for twice-day by day regular oral care as a repairs and preventative measure. Cloys is now a premium usual for day by day oral care.

Contains 2 – 32oz bottles of CloSYS Mouthwash;Works gently but efficiently; no alcohol to burn your mouth;Kills 99% of harmful bacteria in 10 seconds;Long-lasting breath protection;A refreshingly clean taste


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