Sensi-Dent Silver

SENSI-DENT SILVER incorporates the whole thing a denture wearer needs to put a new soft liner in a full set of dentures. Kit incorporates the same materials used by dental professionals for relining dentures. The simple, clear instructions give professional results each time! SENSI-DENT SILVER is U.S. Dental’s newest product to hit the consumer market and is proving itself to already be one of the freshest products for the reason that denture repair kit! For years, similar products could only be purchased through the professional dentist. Now, with Sensi-Dent the denture wearer can put a new soft liner in their denture and get professional results at a fraction of the cost! The average cost of a soft reline through a dental place of job is around $300.00. SENSI-DENT SILVER incorporates the same materials as used by dental professionals for relining dentures! Now, they are able to get the same results for as low as $50.00 for 2 kits and the usage of the simple, clear instructions that include SENSI-DENT SILVER.


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