Shopsmilepeace Custom Dental Nightguards

SmilePeace was created to help individuals handle clenching or grinding of teeth. We offer appliances that help protect your teeth at a fraction of the cost you would find at the dentist. Our lab has over 40 years of combined experience in the dental field, this means that you’ll have our expertise at heart. It is a USA company, with products made in the USA. Not only do we provide custom-fit mouth guards for day or night, we also offer sports mouth guards, teeth whitening trays and orthodontic retainers. Give your teeth some peace, whether that is jaw relief, a whiter smile or overall smile protection. SmilePeace creates custom fitted mouth guards to make sure comfort and the best fit imaginable. No more over the counter night guards that are bulky and can in fact cause more damage to the jaw muscle. As our most durable model, the night guard has a hard biting surface, but a soft inner lining for the comfort of your teeth. The hard outer surface allows for your teeth to slide more smoothly across the surface when they come in contact with the guard. Inner lining provides comfort and fit even as wearing at night. As a result of the thickness of the material, It is a more durable night guard and it will have to last 2+ years, depending on usage and the degree of grinding and clenching.


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