Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak 10 oz


1)Moisturise the feet and hands. Softens the skin. Increase flexibility of skin.

2)Easy for The usage of, give protection to skin from dry and rough, replenish water and other nutrition essence for skin.

3)Penetrating into dry and hard skin, turning it into soft and smooth. Support a natural and healthy look.

4)The usage of 20 to 60 minutes a day and notice the difference of having softer and healthier skin.

5)Long term The usage of would help to delay skin aging and make skin look pretty soft and smooth.

6)Better effect after Spa, You can also add your favorite skin care products into it for a better results.

7) Prevent to build up of dry hard and cracked skin. Protecting cracked/dry feet andhands.

How to use:

Soak and wash your feet and hands in warm water.

Wait until your dry skin has softened.

Rub it gentlely over the calloused area, then dry your skin .

Apply some feet and hand cream.

Wear the socks and gloves about 20-60 minutes.

Warm Tips:

1. The nutritional moisture components will be absorbed and develop into less and less after more than one usage.Replacement is suggested after 5-7 months of use.

2. Wear them a minimum of three times a week when relaxing at home, when sleeping, or even at the spa all the way through your pedicure!

3. The gel socks and hands are designed for bedtime wear & will have to not be worn with shoes.

4. Consult your physician or podiatrist before wearing heel socks if you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation.

5. Do not wear gel gloves or socks on open wounds, broken or abraded skin.

6. Do not wear gel glove or socks you probably have skin disease such as psoriasis or eczema


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